The benefits of boarding

By Mr Matt Byrne

The current school closure has provided many opportunities that the fast-paced boarding life here at Plymouth College doesn’t always allow. Being woken by the bird song provides a reminder that whilst we are a city centre campus with all the transport and entertainment benefits that brings, we do have a campus bursting with nature and wildlife.

The slower pace of life has enabled me to reflect on all things boarding and the many life long benefits that being a boarder provides. I had the chance to catch up with my own school friends last week as we realised that 2021 represents 25 years since we graduated from boarding school. The importance of these enduring friendships is a point i make frequently to the current boarders through my daily video message. The method of communication might have changed with multi player X-Box providing the platform nowadays but the lesson remains the same. We all seek that sense of belonging and connectedness that Plymouth College boarding provides.

I am hugely proud of the work of my staff in at once valuing, supporting and nurturing the individual in our care in whatever field they choose to direct their attention to whilst maintaining the sense of community that is central to Plymouth College boarding. To see boarders have the confidence to walk their own path guided by a strong moral compass and at the same time being able to acknowledge that they are part of something far bigger than themselves is a hugely rewarding part of the job. This sense of community is very much a conscious part of boarding life, buddies, academic mentors, academic duty staff, sports coaches and myself and my family all form part of a support network that aims to create a home from home environment for our boarders.

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